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Manage your collectibles online.

Whether you collect stamps, comics, antiques, coins, trading cards or something more unique, iCollectr puts you in control of your collections.

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Manage your collections online. From any location or any device, you can see your collection of items, photos of your items, as well as the current market value.

Personalize with your own Item categories (types.) Whether you collect Antiques, Trading Cards or something exotic (Persian Rugs), you set the the type of item that you're collecting, making a personalized experience. See the Category Creation Video

Have certifications? If your certifications are with one of the major authorities (CGC, ICG, NGC or PCGS), your inputted certification # is auto linked to the authorities public data on your item. Simply enter the name of the authority and input your cert # and we do the rest, instantly. See the Certification Video

Free Gallery: each account gets its own unique gallery. If you add items to your collection which include photos, then those items are automatically added to your public gallery. Check out the public demo gallery: Example Gallery, or see the Gallery Video

Need a price check? Every item in your collection is linked (in the Market Value column) to eBay. Simply click the linked value in the Market Value column and we'll scan eBay for sold items with the same title and data. See the eBay Example Video.

Have a lot of different collectibles? Simply filter for which item type in your collection you're currently interested in. By selecting the drop down on your list of collectibles, you can filter by each category you've created. The filter also adjusts your pricing information (limiting the cost/profit to the current filtered scope.) When done, simply click the reset button to remove your filter.

Export your data: If you prefer to have your data with you, you can export your data at any time to a standard CSV format. With a click of a button, your data entered will download to a CSV file. See the Export Example Video.

Price and Cost Analysis. Check Market Values on your items quickly and easily with the click of a link. iCollectr also dynamically calculates your total Collection Cost, Value and Potential Profit. See the Price/Cost Example Video

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Your Own Public Galleries

Adding your own Collectible Categories